Workshop InterAI: Interactive AI for Human-Centered Robotics

ELSA supports this workshop, that aims to explore and discuss the advancements and challenges in human-centered interactive artificial intelligence (AI) within the field of human-robot interaction (HRI). It will focus on the integration of AI technologies that enhance human-robot collaboration, ensuring these interactions are intuitive, efficient, and tailored to human needs and behaviors.

Based on Schmidt et al., human-centered interactive AI is defined as an AI that enables interactive exploration and manipulation in real-time and is designed with a clear purpose for human benefit while being transparent about who has control over data and algorithms. This workshop is dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge developments in AI that prioritize interactive, real-time exploration and manipulation, all within the sphere of HRI. We aim to address the design considerations that make AI systems transparent, particularly in terms of data control and algorithmic operations, ensuring that users understand and trust the technology they interact with in the context of human-centered robotics.

As it’s the first edition, this workshop will serve as a platform for fostering innovation, collaboration, and discussion among the HRI community, driving forward the development of human-centered interactive AI in robotics. Through a series of keynotes, paper presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, we aspire to foster a deep understanding of how human-centered interactive AI can be effectively integrated into HRI systems to create more effective, ethical, and user-friendly interactions.