With ELLIS, ELSA is built on an already operational and highly successful network. ELLIS as a backbone and driving force as well as its first instantiation ELISE as an EU AI powerhouse have already shown what Europe is capable of when the best scientists and scholars from academia and industry join forces. ELLIS and ELISE, and with them ELSA, are built upon strict scientific excellence, which is an absolute necessity for sustainable impact. ELSA will organize work around key grand challenges to foster more intense collaboration between leading researchers.

ELSA provides high profile and high impact research, software and benchmarks to the European and global AI community with a focus on secure and safe AI by design. ELSA will give special consideration to machine-learning-based AI and especially deep learning, which are the foundation of the current AI revolution and drive most of the applications and growth. Collaboration of multiple leading research groups around jointly defined grand challenges will allow addressing larger fundamental questions than any individual group or a small project could. This will define a compelling AI research agenda compatible with European values and competitive with leading international players.