At ELSA, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation of AI researchers through our support and expansion of the pan-European ELLIS PhD & Postdoc Program. This initiative aims to champion excellent young researchers by fostering connections with leading minds across Europe and providing a plethora of networking and training opportunities, such as engaging summer schools and workshops.

Our mobility program operates on two fronts to facilitate closer collaboration and coordination within our network. Firstly, we incentivize participation in network activities by reimbursing travel expenses for exchanges, workshops, and other collaborative endeavors with our network nodes and Associated Partners. Secondly, we allocate mobility funds specifically tailored to support the research endeavors of PhDs and postdocs in the ELLIS and ELISE PhD/PostDoc programs, particularly focusing on the advancement of safe and secure AI.

By establishing a bridgehead that integrates seamlessly with the existing ELLIS PhD/Postdoc program, we are poised to significantly broaden the thematic scope of our efforts in machine learning and AI. This expansion explicitly encompasses all facets of safe and secure AI, with a keen emphasis on aspects such as safety and privacy.

Beyond leveraging the substantial momentum derived from our existing networks to emerge as a global leader, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment. We welcome input, interactions, and collaboration from all AI researchers and industrial partners, ensuring that ELSA’s activities propel the field forward collectively.

ELSA’s vision extends beyond mere talent acquisition; we strive to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that not only expands the horizons of the ELLIS PhD/Postdoc program but also fosters a culture of mobility and collaboration among researchers within our network.